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Scientific Publications

Sounds production in sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus and S. platorynchus (Acipenseridae). Carol E. Johnston & Catherine T. Phillips, 2003.

Effects of the Reservoir Headwater Environment on Survival and Behavior of Larval Sturgeon: Are Reservoirs Ecological Sinks for Recruitment of Sturgeon?  Submitted by H. B. Treanor et. al 2015

Upper Basin Pallid Sturgeon Survival Estimation Project 2015 Update-updated by Jay Rotella, May, 2015

 Broadening the Regulated-River Management Paradigm: A Case Study of the Forgotten Dead Zone Hindering Pallid Sturgeon Recovery-Guy et. al 2015

Efficacy of AQUI-S 20E as a Sedative for Handling and Cortisol Suppression in Pallid Sturgeon-Fenn et. al 2013

An accuracy assessment of ultrasonic transmitter locations determined by mobile telemetry in aquatic systems- James et. al 2014

Yellowstone River Hydrograph Trends, Water Rights and Usage- Watson, 2014.

 Hess Fish Exposure Report 

Final Pallid Sturgeon IFN Report 2013

Kittel and Small 2014_full text

Fenn et al 2013_full text

Johnson et al. 2014